These are the properties and benefits of a cup of tea a day

Tea is, without a doubt, the king of infusions . It is eaten in a large number of countries around the world, to the point that it is a staple food in many cultures and many economies. Many people cannot go through the day without having a cup of this delicious drink: not only because of its taste, but also because of its many health benefits and its wide variety of nutrients. It is the ideal companion for a snack, aperitif or simply for a good afternoon of reading and relaxing nootropic tea. Now that the good weather is here, nothing is more refreshing and healthy than a glass of iced tea.

The benefits of tea

It is an infusion rich in vitamins and minerals, with very few calories and a powerful flavor . In general, tea is a great source of antioxidants , nutrients that are responsible for fighting free radicals, that is, the molecules that oxidize cells and make them age. In addition, they contain other bioactive components such as tannins that give it its characteristic bitter taste and have an astringent effect and other substances such as catechins, with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties . These properties have been studied especially in green tea.

There are many types of teas, each with its own characteristics and flavors. The experts at Nutritienda , the leading online store for health and beauty products in Spain, have compiled the characteristics of the teas that are most consumed in Spain, to know which one you need today:

black tea

Its amber color and intense flavor make it one of the favorite teas. It is the ideal option to start the day, especially for those who want to reduce caffeine consumption , but not give up the extra energy it gives them. While a coffee can have between 65 and 175 mg of caffeine, a cup of black tea, which contains the most, is around 50 mg . A coffee wakes you up quickly, but its effect wears off quickly. A cup of tea releases caffeine over several hours, so the extra energy does not disappear as quickly.

Black tea differs from other varieties because it is the most oxidized of all . The main active components of tea are flavonoids , they are phenolic compounds that have antioxidant activity. Black tea stands out specifically for its theaflavin content .

Red tea

It is characterized by its reddish hue and earthy flavor . This variety of tea differs from the rest due to its special preparation. For years, the large tea leaves are compressed and stored under certain conditions where microorganisms ferment it, transforming the green tea into this special red tea.

It is known to be a great ally in weight loss processes . This drink does not provide calories and is the perfect alternative to sugary drinks. In addition, it is an ideal way to increase fluids throughout the day and thus avoid fluid retention. Furthermore, due to its content of astringent compounds, it is ideal to take after a meal and promote proper digestion.

Green Tea

It is fresh and light and, depending on the type of green tea we choose, it can also have a bitter touch . It is very rich in antioxidants , as it contains catechins, a group of polyphenols with anti-inflammatory properties that combat the action of free radicals. That is why it is very common in cosmetics and beauty products , especially those aimed at cleaning, especially for oily or acne-prone skin, as it has a great purifying and cleansing effect.

Like red, it helps increase water intake so it helps avoid fluid retention . In addition, it contributes to cardiovascular health, since it reduces the absorption of cholesterol and prevents blockage and stiffness of the arteries. Its caffeine content also makes it a mild stimulant, perfect for those who need that stimulation on a daily basis and, at the same time, it helps us spend more energy, which also means we burn more fat, of course, as long as is accompanied by healthy habits.

White tea

It has the mildest flavor of these four varieties, as opposed to the black and red, which are the most intense. Thus, it is the ideal option for those who are beginning to be interested in this drink or those who are not very fond of infusions, as it is subtle, but delicious.

It is one of the varieties that contains the most antioxidants, which is why it is a common ingredient in beauty products: in fact, it is known as the “beauty tea . ” It also contains anti-inflammatory substances. Likewise, it helps maintain good dental health and does not stain teeth, so it is the ideal drink for perfect teeth.

Tips and tricks to enjoy tea to the fullest

You don’t have to give it up for caffeine

Caffeine is a benefit for many, but a drawback for others. People who suffer from insomnia or nervousness tend to avoid it for fear of suffering the consequences. However, there are multiple decaffeinated options on the market, so there is no excuse not to enjoy a good cup of tea.

Along the same lines, you have to watch your sugar. Many people drink it without adding anything, but others prefer to sweeten it in some way. The World Health Organization recommends eating a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day and a teaspoon is already about 5 grams. You can always opt for other sweeteners, such as stevia or saccharin.

Combine flavors and try varieties

Within each variety, there are many types: Moorish green tea (with a delicious peppermint flavor), Earl Gray black tea (with a citrus touch), matcha tea (intense and with an aftertaste of grass and certain vegetables). .. Each one has different nuances and touches, so the ideal is to try until you find the perfect option for each one. Furthermore, combining it with other foods can be a great success: tea with lemon, ginger, honey… Not only will we enrich its flavor, but we will add more nutrients.

Much more than an infusion

It is also an ingredient to use in baking (for example, to make a lemon and matcha cake or a cocoa and black tea cake) and, thanks to its antioxidant benefits, it is very useful in the fight against aging. In this way, in addition to being a common ingredient in many beauty products (soaps, moisturizers…), it cannot be missing in a homemade facial mask. For example, a green tea and oatmeal infusion mask helps reduce excess sebum and eliminate impurities in oily skin.






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