Benefits of pruning wooded land and gardens

Pruning is the selective felling of the branches and roots of a tree, with the aim of making it grow strong, healthy and attractive – other practices on leaves, flowers and fruits to improve the production of fruit trees are also called pruning Tree Care Experts.

Pruning is a combination of art and technique that is based on biological knowledge of the tree and is carried out for five reasons:

  1. Safety.
  2. Sanitation.
  3. Aesthetics.
  4. Production.
  5. Quality.

In a field with trees, the way to guide their growth and provide them with sunlight evenly is by eliminating some branches that provide more strength to their structure and stimulate their flowering and fruiting.

In gardens, it helps control the size of plants and keeps trees always green and in appropriate proportions, thus achieving cozy gardens with great harmony, and free of possible pest risks.

The benefits of pruning wooded land and gardens in a well-executed manner are diverse, such as:

Control of shape, size and improvement of its appearance.
Suppress sources of pest infection.
Increase the passage of light and air.
Improve the structure and architecture of the cup.
Stimulate the flowering and fruiting of trees and shrubs.
Increase the value of the tree and its fruits and wood.
Reduce harvest costs in fruit trees.
Deworm, disinfect and eliminate damaged or dead branches.

Types of pruning
Cleaning: its objective is to eliminate undesirable elements and formations in plants, trees and bushes, removing branches or parts of plants that are dead, dry, diseased or damaged.

For safety: the most common in urban trees, this type of pruning must be carried out by a qualified professional with extensive knowledge about the execution of said activity.

For health reasons – sanitation or sanitary pruning –: they are carried out to reduce pests or other reasons related to the health of the plant. Pruning helps heal wounds to trees so they can soon enjoy good health.

For aesthetic reasons: its objective is the good appearance of the tree, thanks to the landscape trimmer who at the same time will mark a certain type of landscape for the eye.

Production pruning : related to fruit trees, although they can also be used to stimulate flowering and generation of buds. Necessary to increase its growth and circulation of air and sunlight.

Quality pruning: focused on obtaining wood from forest trees, and the quality of the piece that we can obtain. The higher the quality of the wood, the better the result of your pruning.






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