How to gain (quality) subscribers on YouTube

Having a YouTube channel can be an effective way to promote your services, and even a source of income in itself, if you create good and frequent content. However, not everything is about quantity but about quality. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to gain subscribers on YouTube, and ensure that these subscribers are committed to you.

What are quality subscribers?
Surely you know how to see the subscribers of your YouTube channel, but to what extent are you interested in this number? They may just be passive profiles lacking any commitment to you, that is, not all of them are quality subscribers commentsgo.

A quality subscriber is a person who is not limited to following your account, but actively interacts and participates, leaving you comments, recommending your content and frequenting your other dissemination channels (website, blog, social networks…). He is not a mere follower, but someone whom, in one way or another, you have managed to gain loyalty.

70% of views on YouTube depend on the algorithm it uses to give greater relevance to one or another video, and place them in the first search results. Content belonging to channels with more subscribers usually enjoys more popularity, so you may become obsessed with how to get subscribers on YouTube.

But, although the number of subscribers to your channel influences your positioning, it will not help you much if they limit themselves to fattening your list; When, one day you check your statistics, you think “ I want to see my YouTube subscribers ” and you are happy to see a very high number, think about whether these subscribers are really quality or not.

How to gain quality subscribers on YouTube
Create useful and quality content
The basic premise is to awaken and maintain the attention of your audience. To do this, we recommend that you feed your channel with content of interest, that really contributes something to those who view it.

Pay attention to the length of the videos
YouTube’s algorithm gives priority to videos that are 5 minutes or longer. Don’t stick to short videos, assuming that your viewers will tune out quickly because, if your content is good, it will be worth the time spent watching them.

Introduce calls to action
Encourage your audience to subscribe to your channel and follow you on your other social profiles: your viewers will have much more information of interest, and it will be easier to retain them over time (and with new content).

You can also offer added value to your subscribers by offering to subscribe to your mailing list to send automatic emails every time you publish a new video.

Work on viewer retention
Retain your audience through viewing suggestions, linking to other videos where you discuss related topics, or to an external link to your website, blog or social profiles, where you expand the information in the video.

These are some tips on how to gain subscribers on YouTube, a social network that more and more companies and freelancers use as part of their marketing strategy.

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