5 Tips to take care of your diet after summer

It is difficult to maintain a healthy diet in summer, due to the lack of routine and schedules, since we spend more time outdoors and this means having less time to cook, in addition to the fact that we eat out more often.

For this reason, a light and refreshing diet is recommended in the hot months. Below we will give some nutrition tips for the summer:

Drink a lot of water
In the heat, the body loses a lot of water, so it is essential to increase water intake, especially if we exercise Collagène Marin livraison Abidjan. It is necessary to drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of liquids per day.

Eat or dine out from home
In summer we usually eat out more than at other times of the year, so it is important to choose where we eat, on a whim nothing happens but eating junk food every day is not healthy. It is advisable to eat first dishes rich in nutrients and light such as salads, gazpacho, vegetables, cereals, pasta…

Ways of cooking
In addition to choosing foods, you must pay close attention to the way you cook them, in a simple way to facilitate digestion, grilling, baking, steaming and even eating raw vegetables to take advantage of all their vitamins and minerals.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol and high-calorie drinks
In summer we do more outdoor activities, we go to restaurants and terraces more. Alcohol and sugary drinks can be replaced with water, light or sugar-free drinks and infusions.

Light meals
Distribute your meals and avoid copious meals; spoon meals with a lot of fat are better left for the winter. Choose a balanced diet for summer that is as varied as possible. Also keep in mind that eating more times and in less quantity helps us feel more satiated and consume the nutrients we need. If you indulge in something, don’t beat yourself up and try to balance it with the following meals.

What to eat in summer?
In summer we have to opt for seasonal foods, it is important to opt for foods that are light and that provide us with a lot of water to combat dehydration, and of course that are tasty.

It is necessary to prioritize quality and manage quantity. We must consume balanced and healthy meals.

Fresh fruit and vegetables
With the heat you want to eat fresher dishes. They are very easy to digest, they also contain a lot of water and minerals and are very low in calories. They should represent at least half of our plate.

Fish and seafood
Fish is not only rich in quality proteins, it also contains vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, beneficial for good nutritional status.

Cereals are quick and easy to cook, cereal salads are a fantastic option for a cookout. They keep very well at room temperature and are even tastier than freshly prepared. You can choose any grain. The most recommended for summer are those that have a refreshing effect and are light, among them we can highlight millet, quinoa, rye, whole wheat pasta and brown rice, instead of the white versions.

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