5 things you should know if you are going to study Law

Do you have an inclination towards laws and justice? Without a doubt, they have told you that you have the “wood” to study Law Tuition. But, be careful, before deciding you should know something more about this career.

In this country, many, at some point in their lives, flirt with the idea of ​​studying Law. Whether because they want to feel like champions of justice, for economic reasons or because of family or social pressures, the reasons for studying a Law Degree vary from person to person.

But whatever the reason you consider starting in this branch of Social Sciences, the reality is that you should not take it lightly. For better or worse, law school will change your life and the way you think.

So, to make the right decision, below we present 5 points that everyone who is considering studying Law should know.

The legal professional is one of the oldest professions in history. For the same reason, perhaps, in Mexico it is one of the most in-demand careers.

To be realistic, and according to data from the Labor Observatory, Law is the third career, after Business Administration and Accounting, with the highest number of employees in the country, with 709,214 people , according to figures updated to the second quarter of 2017. the National Occupation and Employment Survey, STPS-INEGI.

As for salary, following the same source, it is estimated with an average monthly income of $20,565.

You must have a deep and up-to-date knowledge of the laws and a true sense of justice
The lawyer is a professional dedicated to legal advice to clients or companies. For this reason, you must have a great knowledge of the laws, codes, jurisprudence and regulations and, based on them, work informing your clients about rights and obligations in different legal situations and civic or judicial procedures, guaranteeing them in the processes a optimal defense and advice.

In addition, responding to the client and their interests, they must collaborate in the search for justice and social well-being.

Reflective, conciliatory and with the ability to find solutions
Those who are interested in making Law their modus vivendi must be people with an analytical profile and a great capacity to deal with uncertainty .

Among the essential skills of this profession, the ability to negotiate effectively, persuasion, having a great ability to adapt to changes and knowing how to defend your position with solid arguments, in order to convince others, should be highlighted.

Taste for reading and writing and impeccable oral and written expression
Right, we inform you, it is a career in which you have to read a lot and, even more, even memorize. Everything that is done in this degree has to do with texts. Therefore, it is essential that you have a taste for reading and also for writing. Because a lawyer must simply know how to draft and/or review lawsuits, contracts and agreements.

However, it’s not all about writing well. In addition , you must have a great way with words and know how to present your ideas well and, even more so, when Mexico has adopted a new Accusatory Penal System, in which what is expressed orally has great weight.

In short: study, study and study…
Why deny it, when studying Law you expect long hours of study . By attending classes you will achieve a general knowledge of the subject, but to pass the subject with a good grade you will have to read, understand the subject perfectly, and memorize a large part of the study material.

Now, if you study and also work, you will have to juggle to achieve a balance in your day to day life. But yes, by combining study with work, you will acquire valuable knowledge that routine theory does not give you. The key is, and it is not a secret, in the organization of the tasks.

As you have seen, studying Law entails great sacrifices. But, if you are passionate about this career and love the idea of ​​being a lawyer, the work and time you will invest will reward you in spades.

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