5 tips to keep your soul healthy

Spiritual health goes hand in hand with physical health, they complement each other. As the principles of holistic medicine say, the person is a whole, no disease of the body can be treated without taking into account the whole person Reiki.

To keep your soul in shape you can follow these simple guidelines that we present to you and which have the Breslov quality guarantee seal. You will be guaranteed success to have a life full of spiritual peace and a healthy and strong soul.

Do spiritual exercise daily. It is recommended to exercise the soul every day with spiritual exercises that strengthen it. Prayer is the most powerful and effective tool to keep your soul in shape. Therefore, do not forget your daily prayers, from the moment you wake up and do modé aní in the morning until keriat shema at night, including the blessings for food. On holidays and Shabbat add the corresponding prayers. You can also add: 10 minutes of gratitude, 10 minutes of prayer and 10 minutes of personal sincerity with the Creator. Every time you have the opportunity, thank the Creator for everything you have, do not miss the opportunity to do these small “extra” exercises that are the key to success.

Feed your soul in a healthy way. Remember to include Torah lessons, articles on the weekly parsha, and shiurim from rabbis versed in Torah in your diet. Visit our Facebook page and our Instagram profile to find very wise advice from Rebbe Nachman that will complement your diet in a healthy way, these are very healthy spiritual snacks and totally recommended!

Avoid toxic spiritual foods, it is junk food that gives you nothing more than empty calories that fatten your ego and do not nourish your soul. Speaking badly about another person, criticizing, defaming, spreading gossip… these are highly toxic foods for your soul. If you want to keep her in shape, stay away from them. If you don’t have them nearby, you won’t consume them, so keep them out of your reach as much as possible and of course don’t have them at home.

Rest your soul. The world is full of news that afflicts our soul and sometimes it is necessary for it to rest so that it remains strong. Too much negative information leaves your soul exhausted. Pain is part of life and the soul can overcome it, but overexposure must be avoided to avoid greater evils, such as depression, God forbid.

Reflect and meditate, in other words: do hitbodedut. A daily and completely free counseling session with the Creator will guarantee you a healthy soul for life. Find a peaceful place where you can communicate with HaShem and let your soul express itself freely. Allow Him to tell Him everything you feel, to ask Him for help in moments of weakness and to always thank Him, no matter what, for what happens in your life. These sessions will encourage your soul and calm your spirit, guaranteeing you an anxiety-free, spiritually healthy and fulfilling life from every point of view.

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