5 tips to increase your personal and spiritual growth

On your path to success it is important that you maintain harmony between your physical health, your mental and emotional health. In this post, I am going to give you 5 tips to increase your personal and spiritual growth Kambo practitioner training.

A balanced life is not just about dedicating your time to having a good job, being a good person, and fulfilling your obligations. The life experience you currently have will return to you the fruits of each of the positive works you do for the well-being of others.

Life is not about competing for who is the best or wealthiest in material goods. It is about discovering and exploring our capabilities as different human beings that we are from each other.

In this article, I wanted to list the 5 tips that from my point of view we must take into account to continue with your personal and spiritual growth.

1- Dedicate a moment of the day to your mental well-being
If you want to start the day with positivity and the best energy, you have to free your mind from stress. Observe each morning as an opportunity to begin the path to your personal and spiritual growth.

It is not the same to get up every morning and carry the weight of problems day after day.

The importance of dedicating a moment in the morning to clear your mind and think positively is the fact of performing one of the most famous exercises today. “The secret”.

2- The value of Altruism
An action as simple as “giving” can mean a lot to your personal growth.

It has been difficult for me to begin this process of altruism, because I have lived my entire life in a family that believed in scarcity. “I don’t have money” , “It’s not enough for us” , “Work is a sacrifice” , I heard all these phrases at all hours of the day.

Start small. You can do favors, spend more time listening to others, and if you can afford it, give gifts to those you know don’t have anything. You feel like a different person when you dedicate time a day to helping others.

3- Respect for the environment
It has become fashionable to talk about environmental preservation, but… Have you done anything for the planet lately?

Respect for the environment is not just accepting the damage that some “human beings” are doing to the earth and sharing images or videos about current eco-environmental damage.

There is no better action that respects the environment than recycling, collecting the garbage that others threw away, as well as avoiding the excessive use of plastic in the home. Your personal and spiritual growth is linked to harmony with what surrounds you.

What is the point of sharing images to save the earth, when we do nothing, STARTING AT HOME?
4- Learn more about yourself
There is an urban saying that says: “You never finish knowing people” and the truth is: “You never finish knowing yourself”

If you take into consideration that your brain is only a receiver of information and everything that surrounds you is the result of beliefs and experiences, the most coherent and logical thing you can analyze are your own thoughts.

5- Your personal and spiritual growth through reading
What better way to increase your knowledge than with a good book?
There is NOT much to say about this important aspect for your personal growth, than the fact of reading interesting books by writers who, like you and me, have gone through a process of self-evaluation and “Awakening.”

Without a doubt, reading is one of the wonderful tools to enrich our mind towards our personal growth. Just as our body needs good foods to be stronger, reading is the best food for our mind.

If you liked the 5 tips to increase your personal growth, don’t forget to put them into practice in your daily life, so you can improve the perception you have of yourself.

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