Tips for hiring a lawyer

We understand the need to have a trustworthy lawyer, like any profession we expect him to be effective, achieve satisfactory results and have a fair charge. In this blog we detail some useful tips for choosing the best legal advice for your process legal separation attorney.

Legal advice:

It is extremely important that the legal advice is effective, tailored to your needs and, above all, is personalized, that is, that it gives you the appropriate response according to the details of your case. The worst mistake clients make is thinking that because they heard a similar case the way to approach theirs is identical, no two cases are the same, all must be attended to by consultation. You should also pay attention to whether the lawyer attends by consultation or appointment, since he will allocate time according to the difficulty of the case.

Chartered professional:

To practice the profession, all lawyers must be registered and solvent in the Honduran bar association. Request the professional’s card to verify if the person you are hiring is a registered lawyer, since there are many people who set up an office and never studied law, therefore you will surely be scammed. The importance of verifying this is that in the event that the lawyer fails to comply, you can report it to the bar association so that it can be sanctioned.

Avoid the processors at all costs, because there is a high probability that you will be scammed, a lawyer is a person prepared for many years to address a legal process, we also do not recommend offices of other professionals who offer services in their work package. legal.

Payment of fees:

This point is very important, the lowest price to charge for professional services is established by the legal professional’s fee, a lower price only means that the lawyer is likely to lose money, now, ask yourself the following: Does anyone have a business with purpose of losing? Your answer is probably no, then it is almost certain that your case is going to be left half-finished.

Do not look for the cheapest price, because legal processes are charged according to the complexity of the case, distance, time, and experience of the lawyer. Never prioritize money, because you will spend twice as much.

Make payments by bank transfer, to leave a trace of the payment, if the professional has invoices or receipt for fees, request yours, this to establish that deposits existed, in order to establish the contracting link.

If possible, request a service provision contract, which clearly establishes the price, payment dates, scope of service and costs.

Professional effectiveness:

If at the time of speaking with the lawyer he promises that he will win the case, be suspicious, the final result does not depend on the lawyer, but on the evidence available, the judge and his criteria. It is something totally far from reality to think that a lawyer cannot lose a case, because the necessary evidence is not always available to obtain the result. A good lawyer analyzes his case and explains the risks, establishes possibilities and if they are low, he tries to minimize the consequences or expenses. This is an effective approach to a legal process.

Avoid emergencies:

It happens a lot that people look for a lawyer to resolve their conflicts urgently, this is a mistake, because the less time you have to respond, the more complex it will be to think of maneuvers to achieve the best possible result.

Never hire a lawyer who offers something illegal:

A good lawyer will not offer you to do something illegal that compromises your assets, your family and yourself. He will ensure that within the law you obtain the best possible result, completely discard the lawyer who offers you something illegal, because illegal deals or actions are flawed and these deals are not sustained over time.

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