The 7 benefits (scientifically proven) that music has for our health

Listening to music in our daily lives produces many more benefits than you probably ever imagined, both on a physical and emotional level. And there are many and varied positive effects that music can have on our health sound healing.

Something that does not only happen during adulthood, since music is a great ally for the intellectual and emotional development of children , as well as its incredible effects on babies . Not to mention the benefits that music brings during pregnancy.

Seven benefits that music brings to our body and mind
In addition to making us enjoy and accompanying us in the best moments of our lives, it is scientifically proven that music is also good for our health.

1. Reduces anxiety and stress
Listening to the music we like helps to considerably lower cortisol levels, a hormone that is directly related to stress. Taking into account that both this and anxiety are two of the most frequent illnesses around us, it is something to take into account.

2. Contributes to less physical pain
Although it may seem incredible, music can be a quite effective treatment for pain. It is not because of the melody we hear, but because of the endorphins that our body releases when it enjoys music. This makes music the perfect companion for people suffering from ailments such as migraines or arthritis.

3. Improves memory
This is one of the most popular benefits of music and one of the most notable for children as well. It is proven that studying or working while listening to music makes us concentrate better on our tasks, something that works better with certain styles. Did you know that Mozart ‘s music is capable of almost completely activating the brain?

4. It makes you more optimistic
Music helps the release of dopamine, known as the happiness hormones. Therefore, listening to music as part of your daily life will, as a general rule, make you a person with a happier character. There are also many doctors who use it in treatments against depression. In addition, music is also an excellent channeler of emotions, accompanying us both in good times and in sad ones.

5. Helps you sleep better
Although not all melodies will help us fall asleep, there are certain songs that are perfect for sleeping . Music relaxes us, helps us escape and even meditate . Did you think it was a coincidence that babies are sung lullabies?

6. Improves blood circulation
In one of the most surprising positive effects of music on our health. Music is capable of improving blood circulation in our body because it activates the secretion of nitric oxide in our blood, dilating the veins and improving circulation.

7. Fights neurological disorders and serves as a treatment for brain injuries
Music is one of the treatments that gives the best results, for example, when applied to Alzheimer’s patients , since our mind associates certain sounds with many of our memories. In short, when listening to music we unconsciously activate many of the areas of our brain, exercising it and fighting against its deterioration as if it were training.

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