Start Your Own Podcast in 7 Minutes or Less, Even If You Don’t Have a Penny to Spend

Several studies from early adopters have proven that podcast actually increase sales. Even in a market where competition is harse, a staggering 10% sales conversion from podcast is not unheard of.

I don’t care which business or niche markets you are targeting, podcasting can help and is the way of the future. In fact, if you browse any podcast directory there are growing numbers of new shows every day in any topic you can possibly imagine podcast studio hire. Don’t miss the boat, now is the time to start. Current technology allows every one with a PC (or Mac) and internet connection to podcast in as few as 3 steps (7 minutes or less). To start your own podcast, you’ll need:

A computer
An internet connection
Sound card
A microphone

On a PC based computer and Windows installed, you can have Sound Recorder records narration for you. More advanced application for example is Audacity, which you can download and install at no cost. Mac users have similar application for free.

3 Steps to Your First Podcast

Step 1. Record your voice. Add background music to the audio if you feel appropriate and have the right tool. You can talk for one minute to a few hours on one show.You also can record your voice by calling a phone number specially designed for online publishing. Two examples of such tools are AudioBlogger and Audio Generator. The former is free but limited to 5 minutes of recording length. The latter requires you to register and pay a small fee. It comes with completely full features, both for podcasting and audio streaming.Step 2. Upload your audio file. If you record your sound offline through a microphone and computer then you need to convert to the format for suitable for podcasting (MP3).Use your favorite method to upload the audio file to web hosting server. It could be through your web hosting control panel, an FTP or SFTP program.Audio Generator users can skip this step, but for every audio file make sure you jot down the full URL to the audio file for the next step. AudioBlogger users have the audio posted on their Blogger dashboard already.Step 3. Blog your Podcast Show. The easiest way to publish a podcast is by blogging it through your favorite blog software. If you don’t have one, you can register at Post a link to the MP3 file near the title of the post or in the Link Field. Use free service like FeedBurner to turn existing feed into podcast compatible feed if it doesn’t support podcast (the enclosure tag).If you edit your own RSS, the enclosure tag is in the format like this:That’s it. Now you are a podcaster. Get your voice out and be heard. Happy podcasting.


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