Speed Recovery: After A Liposuction

Today, people adopt many ways to reducing excess fat from their whole body or from some specific part of their body. A Liposuction is one of the commonly adopted methods of removing excess body fat deposits. Most common targeted parts of the body are neck, thighs, arms, hips, trunk and calves. Liposuction tightened your skin and improves your overall appearance. As this method requires surgery, there may be some slight complications which can be experienced during this. For example, a patient may experience discoloration or minor irregularities of the skin where liposuction has been done. But mostly these effects remain only for few months and gradually skin come to its normal condition.


There are many people who complete about slow recovery or swelling of operated part of body after liposuction. It is mainly due to the some infection or drug reactions. Today, using advance techniques surgeons use local anesthesia while carrying out a liposuction which helps in minimizing the recovery period after the procedure.

Following are some guidelines to follow for minimizing the recovery period after a liposuction.

  • Ingestion of alcohol is strictly prohibited as it weakens the body’s defense system. It slows down the healing process of body.
  • However, rest is completely suggested after this surgery but little walk around is quite helpful in preventing formation of blood clots along with reducing swelling.
  • To avert dehydration you should drink plenty of water, at least eight glass of water daily. Tea and coffee is excluded.
  • Applying ice packs, plastic aids, heating pads on operated part of body is highly discouraged.
  • Like as a liposuction, process of healing should also be monitored on regular basis. Do go for even checkup sessions so that your doctor can monitor the progress of your body.
  • Do follow proper consultations advised by your doctor.