Practice compressed air shooting on your private property

Regarding the legislation, compressed air shooting on private land is authorized. The only law addressing the subject is Article R312-40 of the Internal Security Code. To be sure that you practice compressed air shooting in good conditions, we invite you to follow the following advice. Let’s agree, shooting, whether at a shooting range or at home, allows you to work on your ability to concentrate as well as self-control, concepts that can be very useful in this very particular period of confinement Luftgevär.

What weapons are authorized for use on my private priority?
Make sure the gun you are using is suitable for recreational shooting at home. We find category C weapons and particularly category D weapons. In category C weapons, rifles with more than 20 joules are suitable for people with significant practical experience. In category D, the category most suitable for home use, we find compressed air rifles of less than 20 joules as well as compressed air pistols of less than 10 joules. Particular attention should be paid to the use of rifles with more than 20 joules due to their dangerous nature and greater range.

How to arrange the premises for training in compressed air shooting on your private property?
To practice shooting on your property, make sure you respect certain conditions. Install your target on a lead recovery support whose purpose is to collect the lead to prevent it from being lost in your garden or elsewhere. Don’t forget to place this target support in front of a large obstacle in case of a miss (an embankment, a wall, a metal plate and anything that can stop the course of your lead). Let’s not forget that lead ricochets are sometimes inevitable and unpredictable. We advise you to equip yourself with glasses to prevent any risk. Also make sure that the lead cannot go beyond your property. We recommend that you practice recreational shooting in an open, unobstructed area, etc. (Large garden, fenced land, or walled property).

How to shoot compressed air on your land safely?
Obviously, the strictest safety rules must be followed. When you practice compressed air shooting on your land, you should know that your civil liability will be incurred in the event of an incident. Regarding insurance, we advise you to contact your insurer, because they are not all equal on this subject: some offer a specific option for practicing shooting at home. Even if you hold an FFT shooting license, it includes insurance which has no value on private land (non-FFTIR framework).

How to shoot at home while respecting your neighborhood?
Compressed air pellet guns cause significant noise pollution and can disturb your neighborhood. In addition, the use of a metal lead receiver or a metal plate increases the nuisance upon impact, sometimes more than the shot itself. It is therefore important to check that the sound emissions from these shots and impacts remain low enough so as not to disturb your neighborhood. On this subject, prevention is better than cure, we advise you to read the article of law on this subject (R. 1334-31 of the Public Health Code). In addition to being aware of the legal articles, we advise you to warn your neighbors before embarking on your shooting session in order to prevent noise from weapons as well as its sporting use.

The conditions to ensure an optimal shooting session on your field
In order for your shooting session to take place in good conditions, you will need a minimum of equipment. As far as you are concerned, as well as those around you, wearing glasses and a helmet will protect you from a possible ricochet. Before the session, make sure that there are no people nearby. Once the environment has been checked, you can begin your shooting session. Using a paper target or a metal target will allow you to enjoy the practice in a more or less fun way. Now that you are ready to practice in good conditions, all you have to do is choose the pellet best suited to your practice (plinking, paper target) and your weapon.

And laser shooting! Have you thought about it?
Throughout this article, we have told you everything there is to know about compressed air shooting training on private property. However, perhaps you are also looking to vary your training, or even to free yourself from the constraints linked to this discipline (distance, noise, use of lead, etc.). If so, then laser shooting may undoubtedly interest you. Safe for the user and people around, it is a simple way to bring diversity and fun to enrich your sessions. In addition to making no noise, thanks to laser technology you can even exercise indoors in a small area (and yes, the electronic target that we were able to develop, linked to our laser gun, has a target reducer which allows you to simulate a 10m shot at a distance of 5m)!

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