Music bands for weddings: learn about the most popular styles

There are so many wedding music providers and each performance deserves a unique spotlight that it is interesting to know what music bands offer to elevate the festive spirit of the wedding. We review the most popular styles wedding bands devon.

A wedding band specially designs a song list aligned with the wedding style. Live music bands come in all shapes and sizes and therefore prices can vary quite a bit. Check out the band styles on the supplier platform to learn how to liven up the party and raise the vibes of the big day.

1. Live bands
Wedding music bands usually have a wide repertoire. Once you’ve booked a service, talk to the musicians to outline your ideas and preferences. If you’re not sure what to ask, band musicians have plenty of experience in finding the mood for a wedding. Music time probably has a limit. Two hours is usually just enough time to maintain the same energy level.

2. Wedding theme
When looking for a band to liven up the reception, they should evaluate how it fits with the wedding theme. They have many types of bands to play live music. You can choose a jazz band, a string quartet, disco, a rock band or Latin music , so that the sound fits the style of your wedding.

3. Most popular music styles
Pop music
The energy is easily raised by covers of rock and pop bands. As hosts, you’ll get a powerful start to the party and a packed dance floor. It is ideal for planning a playlist of popular songs of catchy tunes to cover all tastes. Songs by Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Rod Stewart will not be missing.

Folkloric and bohemian
When it comes to rustic or country environments, a folklore show is usually the great success to liven up the party with country air. Within the same type of weddings, folk bands that recover the more traditional tone with instrumental music shine with songs by The Byrds and The Mamas & the Papas .

Jazz & swing
To feel transported back to the 1920s, even more so if you’re planning a vintage wedding, the cadence and glamor of jazz provides an effortless cool feel with timeless classics. Adapted versions by Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole will be in the repertoire of matching classic soundtracks.

Rock & roll
A great and fun wedding proposal is iconic and legendary music ranging from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry to Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles and U2 . The best rock artists have a legacy that bands perform at a safe pace to bring sparks to the dance floor.

Latin music
The popular dances of the Caribbean are overflowing with flavor, passion and sensuality. A band with Cuban and Brazilian influences will give the special touch at bohemian weddings and turn the party upside down. Salsa, merengue, samba, cumbia and rumba are genres that all guests want to dance to. Within Latin pop, Juanes, Fonseca and Carlos Vives.

Classic House
When the heart of the wedding is racing, classic house is an electronic style that makes you feel the present of the party, the dance floor and the body. Some examples to raise the energy of the wedding to the sky and also add nuances of disco music: Planet Funk, The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Jamiroquai .

In general, live bands put together a repertoire of the best songs for the dance floor between classics and modern so that all guests can enjoy a musical treat to remember. A safe bet!

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