Learn about these medicinal plants that can help you with a headache

If the intensity or frequency with which you have this discomfort has increased, you should find out its cause to receive treatment. Consult your doctor and ask about these natural remedies Hapé.

This is a common problem for many people. However, some have experienced more episodes after suffering from COVID-19. Whatever its cause, these 5 medicinal plants for headaches will not be left over in your pantry.

This discomfort, also called headache , can appear due to different factors . In fact, more than 150 types of headaches have been identified according to their causes.

A trigger that has been recently observed is COVID-19 and not only because it is one of its symptoms. It is estimated that up to 5% of those who have had it experience headaches as a consequence of the infection .

Do you suspect this is your case? So, you should know that any headache should be evaluated by a doctor to diagnose and treat its cause.

5 other medicinal plants for headaches

Have you heard of chiqueadores ? They are one of the most popular natural headache remedies in Mexico. Its name refers to the action of pampering or pampering oneself to relieve this discomfort .

These are slices of herbs that are adhered to the temples by smearing them with tallow or other sticky substances. The plants used have relaxing, regulating or analgesic effects 1 that can relieve certain headaches. These are some examples:

• Basil: contributes to the relief of muscle tension.
• Papalo and rosemary: help reduce anxiety levels.
• Mint: has an analgesic effect. In some cases, its essential oil is often used.
• Lavender: May induce sleep and relaxation.

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