How to differentiate yourself in the Hemp industry

In the cluttered CBD market the best thing to do is make yourself stand out not just with your product but with what service you are trying to provide via your products. In this article we will try to ascertain the best Hemp Oil products to create to make yourself stand out from the crowded CBD industry Hapé.

What are you trying to achieve with your product?

Are your Hemp Oil products for hippy, stoner fans (which we don’t recommend anyway) or are they more for people advanced in age and concerned with arthritis symptoms?

Therefore make the right choice before creating any Hemp Oil for sale by targeting the exact market you wish to sell to.

The different types of Hemp Oil out there.

Firstly identify the types of Hemp out there, of which there are two types: Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum. Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil contains all cannabinoids including CBD, CBDa, CBG, CBGa and CBC but not THC. Full Spectrum is different as it contains all cannabinoids including THC.

This can be put down to Broad Spectrum being best for those who are weary of ingesting THC, even though trace amounts of 0.2% THC in Hemp Oil is not recreational. The latter is more for those who don’t mind taking a supplement with some notoriety and stigma. Although of course THC is 100% legal at 0.2% as it gives absolutely no psychoactive effect whatsoever.

CBD infusions

There is also another breed of Hemp Oil that comes under the name CBD infusions. These are perfect for those who want more out of their contemporary Hemp Oil they usually buy. One such supplement is Turmeric infused CBD, that’s used to combine two amazing natural components for those with inflammatory type issues.

Or you could try to create a vitamin based Hemp Oil, where the carrier oil is a vitamin C, vitamin D or vitamin B oil that works with the cannabinoids in Hemp Oil in a synergy to further help your body.

However the main thing you must try to do is create a Hemp Oil that tends to your endo-cannabinoid system regardless of the Hemp Oil you pioneer. The difficulty is doing this is hitting the best of both worlds; a Hemp Oil that works with this system AND is different from the rest. In this case Full Spectrum Hemp Oil would work best, but in a package that’s unique.

CBD drinks

One way you can successfully have an effective Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is one that’s water soluble. By having one like this you can allow customers to create innovative CBD infused beverages of their choice. For instance CBD smoothies, CBD coffees, teas and water.

This way the CBD is better absorbed in the body making the Full Spectrum nature of the Hemp Oil more worthwhile. Letting customers know this is sure to bring you a lot of sales. This is because mainstream wise CBD infused drinks aren’t that established yet- allowing them to be a unique avenue of sales that’s different to other offerings out there as well as being an effective, well absorbed Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Supplement.

The final verdict.

The final verdict is that CBD infused drinks may be best for giving people what they need cannabinoid wise for their endo-cannabinoid system and being different enough to stand out from the crowded Hemp Oil marketplace.

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