How a Quantity Surveyor Impacts Construction Projects

Quantity surveyors are one of the most important members of a construction project. They undertake multiple roles, all of which aim towards utilizing resources, time, and money in the most efficient way engineering supplies. How they plan and execute their role has an impact on the final cost of the project and time taken for completion.


Some of the responsibilities of a quantity surveyor are:


Assessing the practicality of the plan to estimate time, materials, and labour costs.

Drafting tenders and contracts and negotiating their costs.

Co-ordinating resource utilization and effort.

Providing legal advice.

Inspecting completed work to ensure it meets the standards and then releasing payments.

Owing to the nature of their role, a professional quantity surveyor interacts with top-level management, workers on site, and also with vendors and clients.


Why You Need Quantity Surveying Services?

Considering the roles and responsibilities of a quantity surveyor, the benefits of hiring a quantity surveyor are straightforward. Their job is to ensure project duration and amount spent is minimum while the quality of construction is optimal. These are some of the advantages of seeking quantity surveying services from a professional:


They plan and ensure the best value of work and effort per dollar.

They manage expenditures of each phase of the project and restrict it within the allocated budget.

Through planning, they can estimate the project’s cost of completion.

They provide critical input during strategic decisions.

Choosing the Right Quantity Surveyor

The real estate industry is governed by strict laws, which depend on the country and city your project is in. Hiring a quantity surveyor who either works at the location of the project or is well versed with the laws of the land is your best choice. Hiring a professional quantity surveyor who not only knows about real estate and construction law but is also an expert of time, resource, and money management will give you the best results for your construction project. Here are some qualities of a proficient quantity surveyor:


Should think methodically.

Should have experience and/or extensive knowledge in construction.

Should be excellent in problem solving skills.

Should have knowledge in accounting and finance management.

Should have excellent negotiation and communication skills.

Should have the ability to make quick decisions based on the available information.

Should know the latest tech involved with construction.

Ideally, someone with a degree in surveying, construction, civil engineering, or structural engineering should be preferred. Understanding construction will help them grasp the nuances required to manage activities and resources.


Ready to Hire a Quantity Surveyor?

The benefits of hiring a quantity surveyor are abundantly obvious. When you consider hiring one, ensure that they have prior contract experience and that they understand the critical concepts of construction management. Your end goal is to get the best output while saving money, time, and effort. A proficient quantity surveyorshould be able to project this outcome during the planning phase of the project.

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