5 Tips to choose the best social network for your business

Choosing the best social network for your business has no relation to how big or small your company is. Sometimes, it is a complicated decision if you do not have a social media expert to help you choose the best platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , among others.

Instead of opening an account on every social network that exists, take a moment to think about the one that will help you meet your goals and reach more people who are interested in your product or service buy facebook comments.

Next, Marketing con Impacto, a digital marketing agency in Honduras , will give you 5 tips to choose the best social network for your business. Forget about wasting resources on platforms that will have no activity and focus on those that serve your target audience.

1.- Understand the purpose of each social network
Before opening a social network for your business , it is important that you understand the main purpose of each platform . If your target audience is millennials, you should consider having a presence on Instagram and Snapchat.

Study your audience’s behavior and determine how they will discover your brand or business on social media. For example, if you have a local business, Facebook is an excellent platform that will allow you to interact with your community and create brand awareness.

And the other social networks? Well, Instagram is visual, YouTube is for uploading videos and Pinterest is for inspiring people visually. Once you understand the purpose of each social network, you can determine which one is best for you.

2.- Investigate the social network most used by your target audience
Depending on your company’s objectives, it is important that you research and know where your audience is to choose appropriately. For example, if you are part of the fashion industry, Pinterest and Instagram will be your best allies.

This is because 93% of active users on Pinterest say they save images to later purchase the product. Additionally, 81% of the people on Pinterest are women.

If your company sells electronic products, users will depend on videos to understand them. In this case, YouTube will be a great option to create videos that explain how they work, just remember that it should be easy to understand and relevant content.

3- Find out the platforms used by your competition
Do you know which platforms your direct competitors use? Do they hire influencers to gain more followers? What people follow them? Who do they support? All of these questions are essential to determine the best social network for your business.

When looking for a social media expert, you should ensure that they conduct a thorough analysis of your competition to find out the answers to the questions asked above.

A correct report will allow you to know where your competition is and which platform is the best for your business according to your industry.

In addition, you will be able to develop a strategy to obtain influencers, ambassadors of your brand and an audience that buys your products and remembers your brand on digital platforms.

4.- Publish constantly to be remembered
Once you receive the analysis of your competition, review the numbers and choose the best social networks for your company, it is time to create the accounts and publish constantly so that your target audience remembers your business and what you offer.

Make sure you have a logo for the profile photo of all your social networks . It is of utmost importance that you maintain the representative colors of your company so that people remember you.

Likewise, when you upload your profile and header photo, you must resize the images . There are some platforms, such as Canva, that have exact measurements for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

5. Create content for each platform
One of the biggest mistakes in social media is creating content and repeating it on all social networks. Not only is it redundant, but it’s also boring and won’t motivate users to visit your other social networks.

The real challenge of managing social networks is the time it takes to plan and establish what content will go on which platform . However, you must remember tip number 1: each platform has different purposes.

Make sure your community manager examines the platforms you use to determine how many times a week you should post on each social network and establish a content strategy to achieve your business goals.

Choosing a social network for your business is as important as selecting the right community manager. Spying on your competition is not unfair, it is simply another tool that will help you select the ideal platform for your company.

Constantly creating content is a way to build user trust. Just make sure you don’t repeat the same information and design on every social network, as repeated content will end up tiring your followers.

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